5150 Action Rental For Your Next Production

Industry Flagship Taking New Clients

Hollywood – With some of the biggest names in the action movie world (“Transformers” “Fast And The Furious” “Star Trek”) under its belt, industry leader 5150 Action Rental has now opened its doors to new clients. Having just finished the Will Smith – Martin Lawrence blockbuster “Bad Boys 3 – Bad Boys For Life”. The company is adding to its reputation for designing and executing the industry’s most talked about action sequences by aiding filmmakers and producers of all levels with the open launch.

Able to provide and service all aspects of cutting-edge action movie and television production, 5150 Action Rental invites you to browse our stock featuring top of the line rigging, ratchets, ramps and flying gear. All available for immediate rental and we can deliver your package anywhere in the world.

Ready With What You Need

“Top notch work requires top notch equipment.” says five-time Taurus Awards Winner and company founder Mike Gunther, “And on the set you need it delivered fast and in perfect working condition. 5150 Action Rental can do that at any level.” With a vast array of standard as well as custom-designed stunt gear, 5150 Action Rental’s warehouse is a one-stop shop for modern filmmakers.

All Budget Ranges Covered

Whether a full-blown studio blockbuster or smaller production for cable or streaming, 5150 Action Rental will service your needs and production with the utmost speed and professionalism. Riggers and coordinators can also be provided if needed. Our trailers are ready to roll 24/7.

Ready to Make Your Next Action Production The Best!

When you need it fast, on time and ready to roll, 5150 Action Rental is your best bet. Contact us today!  818-336-1499